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Caregivers Here to Serve You

At Lotus Field Health Care Agency, we provide high quality home care services to our communities that enable our loved ones to stay in the comfort of their homes. We do this by hiring qualified caregivers who will work with you and your team of providers to develop and manage a personalized home health plan that’s most convenient for you.

We know that when looking for an agency to care for your loved one, you want a team that will treat you and your loved one with care, compassion, and dignity. That's why we are here. 

 Our caregivers are well trained and bring years of experience and expertise. We treat our team like family, and endeavor to treat you and your loved ones as family, and ensure they receive the best care.

Aged Couple Sitting Next


Our mission is to be a reliable, trusted, and dependable provider to the community, by providing well trained, compassionate and caring caregivers. We are governed by the following values:  

  • Integrity​

  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Reliable

Why "Lotus Field"

Lotus Field Healthcare Agency started as an answer to a calling to serve the elders in our communities with dignity, integrity, and compassion. 

We got our name from the inspiration of the lotus flower, which signifies love, care, affection, purity.  

We believe that our health care needs are best met in the spaces we are most comfortable - our homes. We are committed to offering quality-driven care, with compassion and dignity, while remaining accountable to our clients, caregivers, family members, and community at large. 

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